Balderdash 2019
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Here at Balderdash, we're very grateful to our wonderful sponsors, who provide support and guidance to (or, sometimes, trash talk on behalf of) our teams, and/or who also may provide one of the several awesome real or imaginary prizes available to our competitors and teams. Please take some time to visit our sponsors - by clicking on a sponsor name, you'll see the team and/or prize(s) they're sponsoring. Thank you for supporting our supporters!

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This (or these) sponsor(s) wish to remain anonymous. However, she or he or they are supporting the Balderdash, for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you!
Moon's Magical Creature Refuge
Offering the most dedicated medical & rehabilitation services for mystical creatures of all sizes & stripes. Our specialties include unicorn horn restoration, wyvern refeathering & phoenix hospice/birth services. Come see our completely rebuilt swamp dragon facility!*

*Liability waiver required to enter the swamp dragon facility.
Lava Divers, LTD
Suppliers of divers quality lava since 79 AD!

Logo photo by Eli Duke, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Merlin's Apothecary
Your one stop shop for all your magical needs! We specialize in undefeated-in-war staffs, anti-aging creams, charms, love potions, banishing spells, & protection amulets. Eye of Newt is now back in stock!


Shenenigans Volcanoes - Quality Volcanoes at a Fraction of the Price!