Balderdash 2019
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Notice! These rules are in development and may or may not be anything whatsoever like the final rules.

Rules for Everyone
  1. Mature audiences only - This is a parody competition meant for adults. Parents: know what your kids are up to.
  2. Don't be a jerk - Outside of standard good-natured trash talk, treat others with dignity and respect. If someone asks you to stop, stop.
Rules for Spinners
  1. Ravelry membership is highly encouraged - It's not required, but the forum for posting messages there is the Balderdash group and that's the easiest and most convenient way of getting all of the information, finding out about teams, asking questions, talking smack, etc. It is completely free to sign up on the website.
  2. No Works-In-Progress (WIPs). Spinners may not start their projects before midnight (the morning of, or 00:00 on a 24-hour clock) of January 7, must start with unspun fiber, and must be finished by 11:59 at night (23:59 on a 24-hour clock) on January 13. The time is relative to your own time zone - we trust you to report your yardage accurately (see below), so we trust you to start and stop on time, too.
  3. Team membership is optional - If you'd prefer to be on your own (a "Rigamaroloner"), that's fine.
  4. Spinners are responsible for their own project entries. Spinners will be entering their project(s) themselves, and are responsible for ensuring their accuracy (unless, of course, you're marking your project as utterly ficticious).
  5. Singles or conventional (one-step) plying only. If you want to do a more complicated cable-ply, multi-step, or some kind of frankenmethod, please submit and validate your project as a single or after its initial ply before you move on to additional plys/plying methods. You will submit your final yardage and the number of plies. In order to make sure that you get credit for your work when submitted plied projects vs singles, the system will use the following calculation for competition yardage:
    A single:
    competition yardage = final yardage
    Plied yarn:
    competition yardage = (final yardage x # of plies) + final yardage
    Note that if you enter your project's final length in meters, that's fine -- the website will calculate your competition yardage (in yards). Be aware that there may be some rounding.
Rules for Team Captains
  1. Be Involved - Make sure that you're available to answer questions. The majority of communication, and your recruitment efforts, will be happening on but you may have some people who don't have Rav accounts with whom you'll have to work via email. Feel free to enlist Deputies to help you manage communication.
  2. After The Week - Once the spinning week is over, you'll need to go in and check your team members' entries. You and your deputies may need to remind spinners to validate their yardages. Once a spinner has validated her or his yardage, the system to recalculates your team's real and fictional yardages. Expect that you and your deputies will be busy that week helping out your Spinners.
Rules for Sponsors
  1. Sponsors Can't Be Spinners - If you're a sponsor and want to spin also, please set up a separate Spinner account. Think of it as your business vs. your private persona.
  2. What does Team Sponsorship Mean? - It means that you'll be providing some kind of support to a Team, preferably in the form of real or fictitious fiber, but also in assistance, troubleshooting, high-cover smack-talking, and other necessary (im-)moral support.
  3. One Ad per Prize or Team Sponsorship
  4. Be Sincere - If you've offered a real (or fictitious) prize, make a sincere effort to get in contact with the winner(s) as soon as The Week is over and the prizes have been awarded. Of course, if your prize is fictitious, your sincerity can be fictitious, too.
  5. You Don't Have to Be a Sponsor to Provide a Prize - If you'd like to donate a prize but don't have a business, get in touch with the admins on Ravelry and they'll help you get set up.

How It'll Work
  1. Once the site is live, you'll be able to register. You'll set up an account here and then edit your profile to include (if you like) a link to your Ravelry profile, a profile avatar, and a short blurb about you. Please make sure to include your location, and let an admin know if you can't so they can help you out. It's not required, but there will be a section in the results that will list total yardages by country and state/province/prefecture/etc. (if they're present), so if you'd like to see that kind of listing, make sure your info is in.
  2. Team Captains will work with the admins to set up their team information, and Sponsors will be able to get started with their prize information and free advertising.
  3. Spinners can decide to be solo ("Rigamaroloners") or join a team. You'll request to join a team via your profile page. Once approved by the Team Captain, you'll be on the team.
  4. If a Spinner decides to leave a team, she or he will initiate a request (it'll be an option on the profile page) to be released from her or his current team and join the new team. Once released by the current Team Captain, the gaining Team Captain will approve the addition and the change will take place.
  5. Team changes and prize entry/modification will be disabled 48 hours prior to the week of the competition.
  6. The competition week will happen. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their Spinners.
  7. When the competition is over, spinners will have a week to enter, double-check, and validate their projects. Spinners can enter as many projects as they like. If you use different methods for different batches of yarn (for example, you make 2-play yarn for spinning session and then switch to singles), please enter them as separate projects. When you're sure all is good with a project, mark it as validated. Its competition yardage will be added to your personal total(s) (real vs. fictitious). Once a project is validated, you'll need a Team Captain or administrator to be able to make changes.
  8. Team Captains will have a yet-to-be-determined final deadline to add validated members' projects to the Teams' totals. Marking its status as a valid team entry will add its competition yardage to the Team's total yardage(s) (real vs fictitious).
  9. Some prizes will be objective, meaning that they'll be based on measurable standards and they'll be reflected on the site automatically after the final deadline.
  10. Some prizes will be subjective, meaning that judgement will depend on voting, or the decision of one or more judges. Final tallies and judgements will be due by the final deadline.
  11. Some prizes will be random, meaning that winners will be drawn from a pool of eligible participants. Keep and eye on the Ravelry Balderdash Group (login required) or the Prizes page for updates.
  12. On the final deadline, the results will be locked and live, and everyone will be able to revel in their victories.


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