Balderdash 2019
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Is this for real?
Well, sort of. This website is set up as if the competition were real, mostly. That is, the idea is that it is a fully-functional database-driven website designed to track a spinning competition. "Real, mostly" because unlike other competitions, there's a flag for each competition entry that asks whether it's real or not. You see, some people intend to spin yarn. Other people are just messing around.
How very dare you malign my beloved legitimate competition!
Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but we do very dare because the legitimate competition did a terrible job. It's clear the people involved didn't understand what they were doing and didn't put in any work into the front end. Even an Excel spreadsheet would have been better than what they (apparently didn't) have. The bottom line is: if you don't want to be satirized, don't suck.
I see that you use cookies. Can I disable this?
Sort of. If you disable cookies, you'll only be able to view the public areas in the same way that any other not-logged-on person does. But you won't be able to participate in the competition because the website's functionality depends on cookies.
I see that you collect information about me such as my email. Do you collect metrics regarding what I do? How will you use my information?
We don't collect any kind of metrics. The sole function of this site is to manage and display competition results and allow for sponsors to jump in and provide prizes in return for a little free advertising. We may use your email for in-system messages if there are problems or if you use a function to notify a team captain or admin of an issue (so they can get back to you). But your information will never, ever be used for evil.
Will I be able to enter project information in meters and grams?
Yes, absolutely. The system will take care of everything. Yay, math!
How much does it cost to join?
Registration fees are 15 Samoleans for each Spinner, Team (via Team Captain) and Sponsor. Of course, this is totally-made up. It's actually free.
When referring to the competition start and stop dates, what timezone is being referenced?
The start and stop times are relative to the Spinner (each Spinner can start when it's the start time in her or his location). Deadlines are in GMT.
I don't understand the calculations for competition yardage. Can you give an example?
Sure! There are three ways to make a final length of yarn.
  • First: simply spin a single (and don't ply it). In this case, the competition yardage is the project's final length. Example: I spin a 300-yard single. My competition length is 300 yards.
  • Second: spin a single and then ply it against itself; e.g., Navajo or Andean plying. In this case, the competition length is the length of the original single (final length times number of plies) and you also get credit for the actual length you ended up with after plying (add another final length). Example: I create a plied project out of a 300-yard single: 3 plies because it's Navajo-plied, and my final plied project is 100 yards long. My competition length is 400 yards: the 300 yards I did to make the original single and 100 yards more for the plying.
  • Third: spin multiple singles and ply them together. In this case, the calculation for final yardage is the same as for plying against itself: final length x number of plies + final length. For example: I create a 300-yard project by spinning two 300-yard singles, then plying them together into the final 2-ply 300-yard project. Competition yardage: 900 yards (300 yards for each single, then another 300 yards for the ply).
I'm getting an "unsafe website" warning when I try to use https in the website address - why?
As of this writing, this website DOES have a certificate but does not have a dedicated IP address. Because it doesn't have a dedicated IP address, browsers that don't support SNI (Server Name Identification) will give you an alert. Please feel free to contact Jackalgirl on Ravelry if you want to double-check the certificate information before adding this site to your list of trusted sites.
What time zone controls the start and stop of the competition week? Midnight where?
Your time zone: wherever you are, when it's midnight on day 1, you can start. And you should stop at 11:59pm on the last day, wherever you are. We trust you to be honest about it.


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